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On November 6 2016, join us on an exciting tour of several of the gorgeous homes that make up the Hartford Golf Club Registered National Historic District, designated in 1986.

The Hartford Golf Club, founded in 1896 in Hartford, moved to West Hartford in 1900 to more spacious grounds between Albany and Asylum Avenues.  A new clubhouse and 18-hole course were built on these grounds.  From the beginning the layout of the course created problems in that several holes crossed others. The problems were rectified by the purchase of additional acreage north of Albany Avenue between the years 1914 and 1917.  A final change occurred in 1955 when the property south of Albany Avenue was sold. The course consolidated north of Albany Avenue and a new clubhouse was built in its present location at the north end of Norwood Road.

The Historic District comprises the neighborhoods that grew up to the immediate east and west of the golf course, including many homes along the north side of Albany Avenue.  The majority of the properties that contribute to the history and architecture of the District were built during the years 1915 through 1936 and represent works of some of the area’s industrialists and businessmen, many of them members of the Golf Club.  (A historical footnote:  the houses along Whetten Road and the west side of Sycamore Road, although not in this District, were built along the edges of the original golf course.)
With few exceptions, the contributing houses in the District are of the Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival styles. The characteristic beauty of the District derives in large part from the old world charm of the Tudor style with its non-symmetrical massing and façade treatments featuring stone, slate tile, stucco and exposed dark-stained timbers.  The Colonial Revival style with its more formal massing and classically detailed facades in wood or brick evoke the gentility of the American plantation or town house.

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