Noah's New Americans

A History Club for Youth ages 10-15

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Noah's New Americans introduces colonial life to young adults. Members can dress in 18th- century costume and learn all about daily life during the American Revolution by trying out the games, activities, and chores of the time. They do things like hearth cooking, crafts, woodworking, spinning, and more! They even have a sleepover at the museum each year.

Members will not only learn about 18th-century life, but can also help out at museum programs, become counselors-in-training for summer camps, and become museum volunteers.

Each member is given the identity of a Connecticut colonist and learns about who they were and what they did. Characters are developed as they participate in colonial pastimes and activities. They are also involved in community projects and occasionally take field trips.

The New Americans meet the first Sunday of every month from September to June from 2-4 p.m. at the Noah Webster House and West Hartford Historical Society (227 South Main Street, West Hartford).

Noah Webster's writing, scholarship, and patriotic actions changed the course of history. Noah's New Americans strive to create positive changes both in the present and the future.