Schoolhouse Graffiti: Make Your Mark

SchoolhouseSchoolhouse benches

To Make Your Mark in the new Schoolhouse Theater, please fill in the following information and return this form to the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society.The new Schoolhouse Theater at the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society is used to show visitors the new orientation film, “Noah Webster: Schoolmaster of America” and also for school and public programs. The 1830s style interior, along with the student desks, benches and teacher’s desk, help visitors understand Noah Webster’s influence on the education of children in the 19th century.

Noah Webster pen knifeTo give the desks and benches an authentic schoolhouse look, you can make your own mark on them. Each “Make Your Mark” contribution includes a penknife engraved with the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society logo and a section of desk in which we will carve your message for future generations. All funds raised through “Make Your Mark” will support the museum’s educational programming, including in-school programs and field trips to the museum for underserved students in the Greater Hartford area, as well as helping preserve a piece of national and local history.

When I was a schoolboy, the greatest part of the scholars did not employ more than an hour in a day, either in writing or in reading; while five hours...was spent in idleness, in cutting tables and benches to pieces...” - Noah Webster

Click here to obtain a pdf with associated information and tear off section to send to the Noah Webster House.