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Try Our New Tablet Tour!

Visitors can now experience the museum in a whole new way- through a self-guided tablet tour. The tour features illustrations by Monica Vachula (Noah Webster: Weaver of Words; Paul Revere's Ride), videos, interactive content, and Spanish translation. Learn more here!

The tablet tour is made possible in part by grants from: Connecticut Humanities, Greater Hartford Arts Council, and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

The Town: Refocused

The Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society announces the opening of a photography exhibit featuring work of local artist, Ginny Kemp.  The public is invited to attend the opening of “The Town: Refocused” exhibit on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society, 227 South Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut.  This event is free, open to the public and no registration is required.

Originally from Michigan, Ginny, moved to West Hartford six years ago with her husband and three kids. She felt an instant connection to the place – the sidewalks, old trees, friendly people, and the history. West Hartford was the Connecticut version of her Midwestern hometown. It was a natural fit.

The exhibit “The Town: Refocused” will give visitors a chance to see a wonderful collection of photographs taken all around town. Ginny uses her camera to capture the historical detail and beauty that make West Hartford and the surrounding area such an amazing place to call home. Visitors will be challenged to try to identify familiar places using just small details that Ginny has focused on in her photography. Curator Sheila Daley says “Ginny has a unique way of looking at the things around us. By paying close attention to details she gets us to take another look at familiar things and see things we may have overlooked.”

Ginny launched her antique print business, The Blue Twig, in 2012.  Although her collection is wide ranging, she’s most drawn to paper that lends itself well to modern settings. Engravings featuring simple architectural detail, woodblock textile designs and astronomy charts are a few that rank high on her list of favorites. Regardless of the subject matter, Ginny’s primary goal for her business is to offer an art collection that includes only the most extraordinary works on paper.

At the start, photography was simply a task among many for The Blue Twig.  Recognizing the importance of quality product shots, Ginny recruited some (very patient) local photographers to help hone her skills. She began to sneak out before dawn to shoot around town while her family and the city slept.  She was hooked and, not surprisingly, the images she loved most had a similar vibe to the antique prints she gravitates toward – architectural close ups, diagonal lines, patterns of all sorts, anything uncluttered with beautiful detail.

As Ginny’s love for and knowledge of photography grew, she noticed that vintage photos and other prints related to the Hartford area were selling quickly. She decided to grow a local line and set out to find more antique paper. A handful of very cool pieces were unearthed but not nearly as many as she’d hoped for. Ginny picked up her camera and hasn’t stopped.

“The Town: Refocused” will be on display at the museum during regular hours through January 2017.


Noah Webster: Defining American

This permanent exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to explore Noah Webster’s life and his many surprising accomplishments. Most people know he write the dictionary, but did you know that Noah also:
• Impacted the U.S. government
• Improved U.S. education
• Influenced our national language and culture
• Was an abolitionist
And a whole lot more, all while raising eight children and traveling the world? Find out the details in this fun and interactive exhibit that lets kids and adults learn more about America’s defining founder!


Noah's Discovery Learning Space

If you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, you’ve found it! Combined with the Defining American exhibit, Noah’s Discovery Learning Space will keep kids busy for hours!  The three rooms of the 1787 "lean-to" addition of the historic house have been transformed into a hands-on activity space for children! Kids can dig up artifacts in the archaeology section, play with a replica of Noah’s family farm, and pretend to be a colonial kid in an immersive colonial kitchen- complete with pretend food and firewood! Don’t forget that museum members get free admission year round.


Traveling Exhibit

Call 860-521-5362 x17 to request information on displaying the exhibit at your venue.

Explore the alphabet soup of West Hartford’s dynamic past, colorful personalities, and pivotal events. This semi-permanent exhibit allows visitors to discover our community’s history and the people who have helped to make it an “all-American town”.

Stylized artwork by West Hartford native painter Pamela R. Levy vibrantly brings each letter of the alphabet to life. Enjoy hearing veterans tell their heroic stories, test your sense of smell by identifying the aroma that matches one of our town’s culinary establishments, stomp your feet to the melody of local music, or explore the visual record of our triumphs and losses through the hundreds of images in the exhibit.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, the Connecticut Humanities Council, and the many individuals who supported this project.