Pre-School Programs

Noah's Yankee Doodle: Fun with Early American Music and Language

Preschool- Grade 3
This program includes songs from Noah Webster's period with demonstrations of musical instruments. There will be opportunities to sing along and discuss how songs are used as a means of expression

New Out-Reach: Bookworm Adventure

How do children learn through storytelling? Children explore language and literacy through storytelling, the use of a felt board to illustrate what they have learned, and activities that will make the story come to life to inspire children to love to read at this critical stage of learning.

Age 3-6 Program length: 1 hour

pre-school discovery programsNoah's Discovery Learning Space

Who knew history could be so fun?  Come find out how at the Noah Webster House’s new hands-on play area for kids and their parents. Noah’s Discovery Learning Space offers interactive fun and educational activities for families in a historic setting. Whether playing “pretend” colonial house (fake food and costumes included), trying their hand at archaeology, or building a farm on our 3-D play mat, kids learn about the past in an entertaining way. Suitable for children aged 2-10, and their parents.  Open Thursday through Monday from 1-4 p.m. or for special programming.  For more information, contact the Education Department at 860.521.5362 x 14 or