Visiting West Hartford

There's plenty to do in West Hartford! Before or after your visit to the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society, take a trip one mile north on South Main Street to Blue Back Square (named after Noah Webster's Blue Backed Speller). The Square offers shopping, dining, the Noah Webster library, and more. It's also a quick walk to West Hartford Center which is full of locally owned shops and restaurants in one of Connecticut's favorite towns.

If you prefer quiet space, try one of West Hartford's many parks. Elizabeth Park has a world-renowned rose garden and features ponds, a restaurant, tree lined walks, and beautiful gardens. Westmoor Park is a lively nature park and small farm that offers environmental education, nature walks, and a demonstration farm. You can also visit The Children's Museum, a museum of  hands-on fun with science and nature for younger children and families.

If you're looking for lunch, stop by one of the many locally owned restaurants in town. A.C. Petersen on Park Road is a long-time local favorite that still offers farm-fresh ice cream after more than 75 years in business.