Resource Rentals

Colonial Games and Toys

A box of colonial games and toys is always a fun follow-up to any of our programs. Toys include Jacob’s Ladders, Buzz Saws, Tops, Ball & Cups, and Thaumatropes. Games include Jackstraws and Morrice. A lesson plan and instructions are included. Fee: 2-week rental, $40 plus postage

A Course in Colonial Life

This kit provides historical information, lesson plans, slide shows, two videos, and reproduction objects to help you teach your students about colonial life, including food, textile production, education and games. A great alternative if unable to visit the museum! Fee: 4-week rental, $80 plus postage

Noah Webster Videos

Choose from three videos about Noah Webster. Fee: 2-week rental, $10 per video.

Noah Webster: Schoolmaster to America was created in 2008 by award-winning film director Karyl Evans to commemorate Noah Webster’s 250th Birthday (1758-2008). This film provides a great overview of Noah Webster’s accomplishments (including his lesser-known feats) and lasting legacy. Appropriate for older students – grades 5 and up. Approximately 12 minutes in length. On DVD only.

The Man Who Spelled His Way to Fame is a more generalized video, covering details of Noah Webster’s life and accomplishments. Approximately 12 minutes in length. On VHS only.