Family Group Programs

Life on the Webster Farm: Work Days

Work Days are included with admission to the historic house! Bring the whole family! Children under 12 are free!

Long before he became world-famous for his “Blue-backed Speller” and the “American Dictionary of the English Language”, young Noah Webster grew up on this farm, just like all of the boys he knew in the West Division of Hartford.  Farming is hard work, (then AND now) and the whole family had to pitch in!   What was life on the farm like over 250 years ago?  How did the kids have fun after the chores were done?  Bring the family to the Webster Farm and find out! Click here for more information.


A guided tour of Noah Webster’s 18th-century birthplace that brings the past to life and explores the “forgotten founding father’s” childhood.
Program length: 1 hour. Group Rate: $15 per person. No. of Persons: 10 Min. to 20 Max.