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Why The Spectator?

Established in Spring 1971, The Spectator began as a print newsletter to NWH members featuring museum news, events, and happenings. Continuing this tradition, we are happy to announce the relaunch of The Spectator in digital form for the 21st Century.

Please enjoy the following excerpt from the very first Spectator in Spring 1971.

“This is the first issue of a newsletter to be issued by the Foundation & Society on a periodic basis. The name “Spectator” comes from the masthead of a newspaper edited by Noah Webster in New York from October 1797 until April 1798 when he moved from New York to New Haven. He continued writing for this semi-weekly paper until 1803. The Spectator succeeded the American Minerva which was started in 1793 when Alexander Hamilton and other well known Federalist leaders of our country induced Webster to move from Hartford to New York to establish and edit a daily newspaper devoted to the party’s interest.”