Board and Leadership Circle

Board & Leadership Circle

Board Officers
Ted Newton, Chair
Matthew Southworth, Vice Chair
Paul Soler, Treasurer
Paul Butler, Assistant Treasurer
Tessa O’Sullivan, Secretary

Elizabeth Devine
Mary Donohue
Raghunath Giree
Aneeta Jagjivan
Devin Karas
Doug Knight
Rebecca Lewis
Karen McCusker
Sean Passan
Billie Reese
Marci Yaffa

Trustees Emeriti
Dr. John Alden
Elizabeth C. Payne
Louise B. Pruyne
Joan Warner

Ex-Officio Trustees
Shari Cantor
Martha Church
Renée McCue
Helen Rubino-Turco
Tracey Wilson

Our Staff

Our Staff

The staff of the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society look forward to hearing from you. Below you will find photos of the staff members, their phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Your interest in our programs and exhibits is appreciated, as is direct support through volunteer participation and contributions.

Marsha Anderson, Visitor Services Manager
E-mail Marsha
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 11

Amy Boulton, Development Manager
E-mail Amy
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 15

Sheila Daley, Curator and Director of Special Projects
E-mail Sheila
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 17

Jennifer DiCola Matos, Executive Director
E-mail Jennifer
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 12

Sophie Huget, Public Programs Manager
E-mail Sophie
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 21

Abby Perkins, Administrative Office Manager
E-mail Abby
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 10

Beth Sweeney, Director of Education
E-mail Beth
Phone: 860.521.5362 x 14